Candid from Canada – Jordon Cooper on Theological Conversations

One of these days I want to visit Saskatoon. Jordon tells me it is a beautiful place and a trip to Cooper Cabin could be just as fun as  our sharing space in a condo in Nassau. I am always reminded of our need to hear from other perspectives when I read Jordon’s blog. He writes on a wide variety of subjects and he does so from Canada.

What’s the big deal about Canada? Currently the country gets plenty of air time as we witness the 2010 Winter Olympics. We have ventured to both Canadian coasts – Vancouver, B.C. and Prince Edward Island. Beautiful!

For me this represents a couple of personal experiences. No, not visiting two places in Canada. Traveling to a variety of cities around the world representing the SBC on the Baptist World Alliance General Council gave me the opportunity to gain a different perspective on life and faith. Outside the confines of our great borders there is a great big world full of thinking faithful people who help fill in blind spots created by our sense of self-aggrandizement. I am also reminded of the wisdom that resulted from Leslie Newbigin’s time in India. Living, listening, and practicing the faith abroad gave Newbigin insight into the cultural captivity of the Gospel in the West. So, when I read Jordon, though admittedly part of that West, I find a fresh look into some of the flare ups making the rounds in some theological circles.

Jordon offers some thoughts under a post titled, Theological Debate as Blood Sport. He leads with a long quote from Jamie Arpin Ricci. From there Jordon reminds us of the necessity of maturity as we debate theological issues before a watching world. I just finished reading Faith at the Edge. Wennberg suggests it is good to hold a humble epistemology.

Such a move requires a more honest grasp of ourselves. Jordon seems to be calling us to love first. It may lead to less blood shed in what has certainly become blood sport.

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2 comments on “Candid from Canada – Jordon Cooper on Theological Conversations

  1. My house and cabin are open to you and your family any time you are in the region.

    1. Thanks Jordon. I do hope one day my wife and I make that trek. Peace to you, Wendy, Mark, and Oliver.

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