Friday Photo – Jason and Tommie’s New Digs

In the 1940’s my grandparents built a house in Oklahoma City. We knew it as “Big Paw and Nanny’s.” Christmas, Thanksgiving, and regular visits made this one of our favorite places growing up. After Kimberly and Tommie were born a new designation was needed for my grandparents. They welcomed the “great grands” and quickly adjusted to GP and GG.

After nearly 70 years my Nanny moved into a place more suited to her needs. Even though by some standards her house was small, it became quite large for her after Big Paw died. She has since made one more move to another place more suited to her needs. Who would buy her house?

I confess to thinking about it myself. Nostalgia has a way of luring you to think this way. Tommie had told her Granny that she would be interested in buying her GG’s house when and if the opportunity presented itself. It did. Though it has seemed like a marathon and an obstacle course rolled into one, Jason and Tommie signed papers on Wednesday and now have officially become home mortgage owners. We are excited for them and look forward to sharing the back porch, the “little house,” and their new found “Taco Stand” for some years to come.

Congratulations you two!

Jason and Tommie's New Digs - Courtesy of "Granny Littleton"

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