Friday Photo – Stories: Only Years Separate Us

Telling good stories is important. How we frame our self-understanding is largely influenced by the stories we are told and that we tell ourselves.

Wednesday I spoke at a workshop for those who work with teens/youth. I found a way to work a photo of Cohen into the mix.… Continue reading

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Glad He Paid It Forward

Grandpa Littleton often called Dad to help with an electrical problem at the “apartments.” Grandpa owned a small complex that often needed Dad’s skills. And, mine too. Yes, I have noted here before my very instrumental “flashlight” skills. “If you can’t see it, I can’t see it,” I remember … Continue reading

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2 Years and 8 Months – A Family Mashup

No April Fools here. Two years ago today we were in Eureka Springs, AK. We took in the sites, played golf, and hung out with family. But, we were there for something more. Tommie and Jason exchanged vows, rings, and commitments to one another.

No matter how much you … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Jason and Tommie’s New Digs

In the 1940’s my grandparents built a house in Oklahoma City. We knew it as “Big Paw and Nanny’s.” Christmas, Thanksgiving, and regular visits made this one of our favorite places growing up. After Kimberly and Tommie were born a new designation was needed for my grandparents. They welcomed … Continue reading

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Friday Phto – on Saturday

Everyone has a different name for their grandmother. Our is “Nanny.” To her grandchildren it is “GG.” She celebrated her 95th Christmas (94 yrs old). We consider it a privilege to still be celebrating with her.

One of our family traditions is drawing names for ornaments. We then purchase … Continue reading

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