Glad He Paid It Forward

Grandpa Littleton often called Dad to help with an electrical problem at the “apartments.” Grandpa owned a small complex that often needed Dad’s skills. And, mine too. Yes, I have noted here before my very instrumental “flashlight” skills. “If you can’t see it, I can’t see it,” I remember Dad telling me.

On another occasion I found myself glad Dad paid it forward. While we never tiled together, until recently, Dad never shied away from trying something he was not so sure how to do. So, when Jason and Tommie wanted to add a shower to the bathroom in their new house, I volunteered to help.

Nick put the shower manifold in the vintage house, complete with plaster walls. Rusty made some suggestions as to how to prep the walls. Greg answered a couple of technical questions. Then, the work began. Today we finished the work and added in the installation of a new hot water tank. Again, Nick was a capable advisor. Dad answered a question form Texas, and Tommie proved a formidable sidekick.

We replaced a hot water tank installed in 1970. That’s right, 41 years. I doubt the new rig will last that long. (Incidentally, the house was once my grandmother’s. She wrote a note on the inside door frame where the water tank sits. She wrote, “Tank 4-03-1970.” Nanny dated everything.)

I am not quitting my day job any time soon to make my mark as the next Bob Villa. But, I am always glad to think of Dad who “paid” it forward and always tackled a project even if he had never done it before. And, today, I am glad I can return the favor for my own children and their spouses.


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