Hungry in America – Perish the Thought!

An article released by the AP was published in The Oklahoman today under the title, “Hunger rising among children.” Had it not been in the “Nation” section I would have immediately thought of the vast hunger problem in developing nations. But, this piece points up the growing number of children going hungry “sometime in 2007.” The number? 691,000! The piece goes on to point out we suffer better than a ten percent rate of hunger to population – 36.2 million in 2007 out of an estimated 301 million.

In the land of plenty, home of the free and brave, we have yet to find a way to vanquish hunger. Somewhere I recently read we throw away about 14% of our food. You do the math. If we could figure out how to “waste not, want not.” We could feed our entire population.

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