The Loss of Truth Affects Us All

Leonard Pitts Jr. offers a solid reflection on the toll political sniping takes on truth. It seems anyone may now purport to be another person, write a scandalous piece and mis-represent the truth. When that hit Pitss he wrote,

The brazenness of it struck me. That, and a self-preservationist streak that said, if they can do it to her, they can do it to me.

My friend Ed Stetzer calls attention to how often we break the ninth commandment – Christians that is. We “bear false witness” thinking it is not as bad as, say, murder. But, when we lose the truth in the slough of innuendo it just as well have been murder. The violent act steals not just identity, as in Pitts conveying the instance of Maureen Dowd. No, it steals the process of educating an electorate. Sound bites and spin doctoring obscures the view to an educated decision.

Pitts’ pulled quote above reminds us all – we are not immune.

What do you think? What story could you share of (mis)representation?

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