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Voting is now done by secret ballot. Only if a person declares their own action publicly will anyone know how a vote is cast. Today, I am voting for the Tuttle Library. The advantages to our community with the vote for Tuttle to participate in the Pioneer Library System outstrips what meager increases come in ad valorem and local sales taxes. If a family would choose not to eat two meals out over the course of the year it would likely cover the cost increase. Add in the commitment of the City of Tuttle to make space for a library in the soon to be built City Hall and what is left is for the citizens of Tuttle and the patrons in the Tuttle School District to add their “Yes” vote.

Unfortunately this is not the first vote for a library in Tuttle. But, it can be the first “Yes” vote.

Click the “Read More” for the “Fact Sheet” distributed by the Friends of the Tuttle Library.

Tuttle Library Election

Set for December 14, 2010


1. What will be voted on? A 1/2 cent sales tax and a 6 mil ad valorem (property)


2. When is the election? The vote on both issues will be Tuesday, December 14,

2010 at regular polling locations.

3. Who can vote? Registered voters who are residents of Tuttle can vote on the 1/2

cent sales tax and residents of the Tuttle School District can vote on the 6 mil ad

valorem tax.

4. Why two votes? The City of Tuttle must commit to building, furnishing and

maintaining a library building. That commitment can be financed with the 1/2 cent

sales tax. Operating the library, including providing books, computers and

professional staff would require additional funds The Tuttle City Council opted to

seek participation in the Pioneer Library System rather than trying to operate its own


1/2 cent sales tax

1. Is it permanent? Yes

2. What is the cost? 50 cents for every $100 spent in Tuttle.

3. What will it be spent for? The first priority is a library, furnishings and building

maintenance. Once those obligations are met, any additional money generated by the

tax could be spent only on capital improvements in Tuttle. Capital improvements

include, for instance, parks, roads, side walks, street signals, fire stations, etc.

4. Could the sales tax be less than 1/2 cent? No. Tuttle’s sales do not generate

enough money to pay for a library with a lower tax. The good news is that there are

two temporary sales taxes now in effect. The Grady County Fair Grounds receives a

1/4 cent sales tax that expires in 2014 and the recently passed 1/8 cent sales tax for

senior citizen nutrition centers is only for 5 years.

6 mil ad valorem tax

1. Why an ad valorem (property tax)? State law requires multi-county library

systems to be supported with ad valorem tax. The additional tax would be .006 of the

assessed value of your real property. (Multiply assessed value by .006 or .6%.

Assessed value is approximately 10% of fair market value.)

2. Why 6 mils? The Pioneer Library system requires a 6 mil support level. All

the counties in the Pioneer System currently pay 6 mils. Pioneer provides professional

staff, technology, library resources, and administration.

Pioneer will mean a collection of more than half a million items, including books,

magazines, movies, audio books and downloadable audio and e-books, plus high-speed

public computers, online reference and tutoring for Tuttle citizens. Pioneer also

provides professional staffing for its libraries, programs for children, teens and adults

and services for homebound customers. Pioneer is governed by a board of directors

and Tuttle will have a member on the board.

3. Could our library be supported another way? Yes. A municipal library could be

paid for with additional municipal taxes and would be a stand alone library. It would

be governed by the city council and city manager.

4. Will everyone be eligible for a library card? Yes. If both the 1/2 cent sales tax

and the 6 mil ad valorem tax pass, everyone in the Tuttle School District can receive a

library card.

5. Is the Pioneer library card good only at Tuttle? No. The card can be used at

any library in McClain, Cleveland, and Pottawatomie Counties. If we join the Pioneer

Library system, residents of the Tuttle School district can use any Pioneer Library, as

well as any Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library without an additional charge.

6. When will the library be ready? Pioneer will issue residents library cards when

both issues pass. However, a Tuttle library building will take approximately two years

to complete. (Nope, see next question)

7. Where will the library be located? On Nov. 29, the City Council made an

unofficial decision to locate the library in the new City Hall that will be located at the

corner of Hwy 37 (Main Street) and 3 Street. rd The location is contingent on the

success of the election.

Locating the library in City Hall is possible by adding additional second floor space to

the plans for the building. The library will be accessible by elevator. This location

negates the answer to question 6 above, since ground-breaking for the new City

Hall will be this spring.

Prepared by Friends of the Tuttle Public Library

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