Jesus and World Hunger – A Different Perspective

My friend Guy made the jump. He had dabbled with a Vegan diet before. Now, he is all in. Then, he issued a challenge, “Awaiting responses from my friends who are Jesus people, technically speaking.”

For some time we have heard people like Ron Sider announce the world has enough food and wealth to make hunger history. What sometimes gets missed is that it may require a more sacrificial look at the other/Other to reach that lofty goal.
Today Guy posted a link to Jesus People for Animals. Here is the opening paragraph,
As Christians, we take seriously Jesus’ command to feed the hungry and care for those who are sick, yet thousands of children still die of hunger each day around the world. Billions of dollars are spent annually on food aid, which feeds only a fraction of the world’s hungry.
By the time the article ends, you quickly think, “Just what would I sacrifice for others to be full.”
Hop over and read the piece here.
Then, especially my Jesus people friends, jump back and give me some reason to tell my friend Guy he has gone too far.
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8 comments on “Jesus and World Hunger – A Different Perspective

  1. Guy Rittger says:

    Nope. Didn’t capture my comment. A rather pesky flaw in the Disqus validation process. Should have saved my comment in anticpation of this. My bad. I’ll remember next time.

    1. Bummer. Were it not for the need to filter spam comments, I could do without Disqus. Next time . . .

  2. Wowzers says:

    Like the Preposterous Committee of Rowdy Maniacs, Jesus People for Animals is a front group for a certain dirty rotten profit-hungry vegan cult that vaguely resembles a nonprofit animal rights group.
    People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid rotten bullies for animals since 1980

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