Modern Life As Violence

Whipsawed. I suspect we could establish the criterion for a new human malady that at once derives from economic forces. It is not an old experience. But, it appears more violent than before. We tend to head in one direction only to be yanked in the other direction by an equally potent force. Maybe we call it WS – Whipsawed Syndrome.

The problem is it tends to be self-inflicted, an overestimation of our own capacities. We fool ourselves as it were.

Maybe if we couch the condition in terms of violence we would take more notice that surviving requires more than great skill. Avoiding violence that is self-inflicted, an inability to calculate our own limitations requires a community. It at least takes another pair of eyes scrutinizing the consequences.

Thomas Merton showed up in the first edition of the re-introduced, The Daily Dig. Here is the short piece,


What are your thoughts on finding provocative ways to draw attention to the insanity of thinking we may continue at the pace and complexity we experience thinking we may do so endlessly?

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