More Than Memories Survive . . . Nathan’s Music

Natalie beat me to it! I have been teasing Nathan since he mentioned his appreciation for running the posts on his Dad. I warned him a photo of him would show up. He threatened to unplug my internet in my office. So, I am at an undisclosed location hoping to hit the “publish” button before Nathan can locate me.

Jessica commented on my Facebook page, “He [Lyle] had many character traits I wish to develop in myself!” Hard to disagree with her. In fact, as I was thinking about a couple of the photos I have of Lyle I could not help but think about Nathan, his son. Those old childhood photos of Lyle are scary close to being the “spitting image” of some of Nathan’s. Lyle is still around. And, if you have hopped over to Natalie’s blog you will find the lyrics of a song Nathan wrote by that title, “Still Around,” you will have seen these lyrics,

The man in the mirror looks like you
I got your smile and your attitude
My hands hug mom like yours would do
I hope I make you proud

I got your voice and I got your laugh
The best parts of you are sure to last
It’s good to know you’re not in the past
You’re still around

Lyle offered a post about Brian Stewart. He remarked,

Brian’s story is well documented, diagnosed with cancer as a teenager. Working as a volunteer coach. Inspiring young athletes from Jason White to my son, Nathan.

Lyle was glad there were people around to inspire his son. I am sure he would have felt the same about our late friend Coach (Kenny) Weast for whom Nathan played basketball at Tuttle. He may well have catalogued a number of people along the way. We parents sometimes wonder about how we inspire our children. We may even wonder if we do.

There is little doubt Lyle inspires Nathan to this day. I am looking forward to hearing Nathan showcase his talents tomorrow evening in Tuttle. I am hoping he will do, “Still Around.” For in many ways, Lyle is still around in Nathan.

And, Nate, I still have more photos . . .


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