N.T. Wright on Reading the Scriptures

Since I was a child growing up in a Southern Baptist Church we talked about reading the Bible. I recall being challenged to read the Bible through in a year. Those first couple of times found me mired down in the book of Numbers. Finally I pushed through. Today reading the narrative of the Scriptures seems more important than ever. A solid reminder this Advent Season.

Lost on many is the cohesive narrative of the story of God. Sure it is complete with tragedy and failure. But it is also one of hope and a future. You may not be skilled at reading in the original languages of the Scriptures but it should cause you to think about a plan of your own when you hear N.T. describe his reading habits.


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2 comments on “N.T. Wright on Reading the Scriptures

  1. Frank Gantz says:

    Todd, my experience in following some very good reading plans is that if I fall behind, I get frustrated. Then I have to work to catch up or just pick it up. The problem then is that I lose the flow of the narrative.

    I like the use of a psalm to begin. It reminds me of coming into his presence singing. Then just read in the OT and NT to maintain the flow.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Frank, I share your experience with set “plans.” The description of reading the narrative from both ends, if you will, is one thing that intrigued me. And sure, some music too boot is a good plan.

      Merry Christmas friend.

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