New York City, New Orleans, Colorado Springs?

Where is Pat Robertson? If only Jerry Falwell could speak from beyond the grave. And, any peeps out of Piper? For a few days now I have wanted to see what others thought about the absence of sin in Colorado Springs, CO. No, seriously.

After 9/11 certain Christians quickly connected the sins of America to the fall of the Twin Towers. Just a few years later, those same voices were announcing Hurricane Katrina as God’s response to a lack of repentance. On lesser scales several devastating tornadoes have been considered the visitation of God’s judgment on other locales for their sins. Maybe those were attempts to work out Billy Graham’s reported pronouncement that if God did not judge America for its sins, He would need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. Whatever the reason for the lack it seems Colorado Springs gets a pass?

I wondered how some natural disasters are easily determined to be the result of God’s judgement and others are not. Colorado Springs must surely be sin free otherwise there is little consistency. Tony Jones makes similar observations in light of the flooding in Duluth. I may not be inclined to follow Tony’s provocative responses all the way down. But, I do wonder how those outside of a Christian context view these interesting omissions. Fire, of all images and metaphors in the Scriptures, seems most strongly tied to judgement right?


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2 comments on “New York City, New Orleans, Colorado Springs?

  1. Alan Cross says:

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday. When Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, there were people in North Alabama that I knew who declared it to be God’s judgment. When an F5 tornado hit Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, devastating both areas, there was silence. Same with Colorado Springs. We probably all need to shut up.

    1. “We probably need to shut up.” May be good advice.

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