Pain to Reduce Pain

In a few hours Dr. O will scope the right knee. He may even clean out a bit of arthritis present in the knee. I had a thought in anticipation of the surgery. Sometimes we endure one form of pain in order to reduce or eliminate another kind of pain. We will see.

I saw Steve C, one of the fellows I play basketball with on Friday mornings, at the Thunder game. He asked how long before I return to action. Doc did not say. He initially indicated it might be a possibility. We will know more today.
On another note. The office remodel is complete. Books are moved and shelved. All that is left is a few stacks of papers, magazines, and one full shopping cart. Yes, that is right a shopping cart. It was my “book mover” of choice. Melinda had the idea and it reduced the number of trips from the old office to the new office.
After a couple of days with the knee in the air, I hope to be up and around.
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