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Find more interview podcasts here. You may also find some older podcasts that cover a range of topics. These podcasts include those that formed the original Audio from the Edge.

Lent and Imitation – Thoughts from the Edge

“Never imitated. Never duplicated.” Product teasers look to point out the unique features of their item. Distinguishing one item from the other may mean the difference in being in...

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Lent and Plot – Thoughts from the Edge

A recent episode of “This American Life” relayed the story of a young boy who happened on an old house by Loon Lake. The old abandoned house held intrigue...

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Reflections After God – Thoughts from the Edge

Reflections. They are rarely an “exact” representation. The medium the image is reflected onto bears the marks that alter the original image. Even still we can see in the...

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Aftermath of God – Thoughts from the Edge

One common thread running through at least three of the texts for this week involve the “aftermath of God.” That is, to borrow from Peter Rollins, life after an...

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No Contradiction – Thoughts from the Edge

I recently finished Todd Mangum and Mark Sweenam’s new book, The Scofield Bible: Its History and Impact on the Evangelical Church. One of the traits of Scofield’s notes presented...

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Liberation – Thoughts from the Edge

Haiti suffers under the devastation of a recent earthquake. The country reels from a series of recent natural disasters – tropical storms and hurricanes. Reports indicate the utter collapse...

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Gathered – Thoughts from the Edge

Sometimes tasks seem insurmountable. In our day it seems there are constant reminders of the social divisions that mark our current milieu. Considering the upcoming selected texts from the...

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Body of Obedience – Thoughts from the Edge

Scot McKnight considers the meaning of Jesus life, death, and resurrection to transcend a “single” theory. Instead, using the illustration of a full set of clubs, Scot contends we...

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Joy Expressed – Thoughts from the Edge

Sometimes we face life experiences that slap us in the face. For any number of reasons people oppose us. On other occasions what we believe is undermined by those...

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Startlingly Second – Thoughts from the Edge

We have a love affair with first. Our beloved Sooner football team will not be first in much of anything this season. Despite good reason many fans live and...

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