Pete Enns Suggests You May Have a Theological Problem, Not a Political Problem

The prospect of a cataclysmic event is on the lips of the left and the right. It goes something like this, “If President Obama gets re-elected, you can be sure [insert worst case scenario] will happen.” Others note, “If Mitt Romney gets elected, you can be sure [insert worst case scenario] will happen. Into the din of bluster writes Pete Enns.

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I am saying that if you get so worked up about it that you become really angry, or you actually “fear for our country,” or are thinking of moving to Greenland or freezing yourself if “that guy” gets elected, you may need to step back and think about what’s happening inside of you.

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2 comments on “Pete Enns Suggests You May Have a Theological Problem, Not a Political Problem

  1. Mike Chitwood says:

    I actually agree with you on this post! :O) No seriously, I do and am actually working on a topical sermon series for my congregation around the election time dealing with this. I think too many Christians either do not know or forget that the Lord God used Xerxes, Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, even the Herodians and countless others for His glory and benefit. In other words God will not be trumped by any scheme of man or even political party. If Christians believe God is worthy enough to pray to him for their candidate to win, then we should believe He is powerful enough to achieve His will even if our candidate does not win!

    1. Mike,
      I am glad you agree. 😉

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