Reverse Mentoring? What about Reverse Learning? Adora Thinks So

Brad sent me a link to this TED video. Once you get past the reality Adora is 12 years old, you will still be enamored with her grasp of what it would mean to learn from each other. What do you think?

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2 comments on “Reverse Mentoring? What about Reverse Learning? Adora Thinks So

  1. Frank Gantz says:

    Well, she is a talented communicator. We can learn from children, but childish is still a good term for those less mature. I wouldn’t turn the learning system upside down because one sharp young lady excels.

  2. Frank – could it be immature could well be that word applied to “childish” behavior that transcends a person’s age. I may not be ready to jettison “childish” but the young lady evidently displays how we may experience the reciprocal learning experience. After all her quibble with childish proves to be her avenue to capture our imagination to learn from someone we assume needs “our” teaching.

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