Reversing Trends … “You give the groceries away church!”

This morning I read Ed Stetzer’s recent post. How any pastor would not pop over to read what someone else thought to be the greatest sin in “our” church would puzzle me. Way to drive traffic to the site Ed! (He types knowing that to mention Ed Stetzer on the blog creates traffic of its own.)

Seems the grave indulgence we are most guilty of is a lack of obedience. Ed sure had it right. You want to hit the “amen” corner and get rave reviews say the “right” thing about a very public social issue. However, better have your hat in your hand the minute you suggest we should actually “do” the things Jesus did.

So when I also read a Todd Rhoades piece this afternoon, I could not help but thing the two posts belonged together. Go read them both and tell me if you see the correlation. To borrow an “Ed-ism,” the money quote from Rhoades,

Sounds like a great idea.  10,000 grocery bags filled and given to those in need.  But I was a little taken back when the article said that most of the parishioners said theyâ??d rather bring the bags back to the church rather than give the bag away themselves.

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