Road Trip … Day 1 …

I35ok"On the road again." When Patty and I moved to Dallas in 1985 we often made the trip north on I-35 to OKC. Christmas. Thanksgiving. Birthdays. Special Events. Funerals. Regular were our trips. We often sang that line from an old Willie Nelson song, "On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again." We have not been to Dallas as a family save one time since moving to Tuttle in 1994. When our kids  wanted to take a trip between Christmas and New Year’s we thought a trip south would be  both easy and fun. We left Wednesday about 9 a.m. and headed south on I-35. We were sure of two things – Interstate 35 would take us to Dallas and we would encounter road construction in both Oklahoma and Texas. It is just a staple of the trip.

Grapevine_mills We could not check-in to the hotel until the afternoon. We knew we would arrive around lunch time. The girls wanted to go to Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine. Nothing like the need to spend the "Christmas cash!" We thought lunch would be good before shopping. (Most of the time anything is good before shopping!) Craig  suggested we eat at the Rainforest Cafe. Rainforest_cafe The food was good and the surroundings fascinating. The colorful saltwater fish in the huge aquariums offered quite the visual meal. Dancing gorillas, thunder and a fellow making balloon animals were just a few of the additions to the overall experience. Once we finished it was time to "crawl." The girls found some bargains and I confess to a few of my own. One sure stop was the anchor bookstore – Books a Million. I picked up a couple of magazines. Some years ago during my dabble at investing a stock broker suggested buying some shares of BAMM. What a disaster. Not sure why I would go in but there is little restraint for some bibliophiles like me. I did pick up a couple of magazines – US News and World Report’s Collector’s Edition, "Mysteries of Faith: The Prophets" and the current edition of Adbusters.


We made the short trip from Grapevine Mills to the Courtyard just off of I-635 and I-35E. The wait staff greeted us warmly. Our rooms were just right to be our "home" for a couple of nights. Free High Speed Internet allowed us to "Google" any potential destinations and get good directions. We checked out the whirlpool which we fully intended to take advantage of later in the evening. We took advantage of a little down time, some napped while others did some reading. Our next venture would be a treat.

Tommie and me had been to a movie at an IMAX theater in Branson, MO. We took in the second Matrix flick. The gigantic screen and the incredible sound were worth the price of admission. The IMAX was just down the street from the hotel. We had two options – Happy Feet or A Night at the Museum.  We opted for Ben Stiller. The  5:15 p.m. show was sold out and it was clear the earlier shows had been. We purchased tickets for the 7:45 p.m. early so we would be sure to see the movie. We waited for about  45 minutes in line and if our chosen time was not sold out it was awfully close. The movie was enjoyable. Everyone thought the IMAX experience a great choice for the evening.
After a long day it was time to relax. I am near certain only a handful of people were at the hotel and the empty whirlpool allowed us free range. The first day of our "Road Trip" proved fun and refreshing.

The water temp was just right!

More on Day 2 coming …


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