Special Episode: James Younger and The Story of God

Many of us read about how others view the world, reality and God. Few of us are able to talk and interact with those whose view of things religious is different than our own. If you had the opportunity to learn from those who are, say, Hindu, would you?

Last April National Georgiaphic launched, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.

Recently I was invited to sit in on an interview episode for the Crackers and Grape Juice podcast. Jason and Teer interviewed James Younger, the Executive Producer of National Geographic‘s, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.

Who isn’t a fan of Morgan Freeman? Maybe you have him etched in your memory as Red in Shawshank Redemption as he guides Andy in the way to survive prison life. Or, it could be you consider Morgan to have the prefect voice for God. You recall him leaving things in the hands of Bruce in Bruce Almighty. It could be you found him an interesting sidekick to Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. No matter the movie that comes to mind when you think of Morgan Freeman, you will find him weaving his personal story with his exploration of the way people around the world talk about and experience God.

If you are a pastor, you may have read plenty on the various world religions. Maybe you even know a person who holds to one of those faiths different than your own. My hunch is we have done more reading that relating. You will be helped to put some real life stories with what you have read about other faiths around the world. Do not expect this to be an apologetic exercise. It is not even a polemic. Instead, it is more investigative than anything else. Take some time and get into Season 2 that began January 16. There are ways to catch up. I recommend taking advantage of those.

On a side note, I confess that the highlight for me was meeting Jason and Teer in real-time. We have talked and kept in touch in the various ways one might over the Interwebs. But, I am here to testify they are real people. You never know how it will turn out to meet someone in the flesh you only know through avatars. I think I can say my expectations were more than met. Friendship may be considered odd that develops as our has. But, it is no less real.

Maybe watching The Story of God with Morgan Freeman would inspire you to come to know someone you have only read about. Even more, Freeman’s approach and questions may provide a model whereby you may be helped to listen for understanding.

In this episode you will hear James Younger, the Executive Director tell how the project began, his favorite episode, and if and what kind of opposition they faced with the project.

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