Friday Photo – Repurposed

The planks likely served another purpose when new. Years, wear, and layers of paint combined to give the air of nostalgia. We have little trouble with re-using common items for different purposes.

Tables bring people together. This table  that may be constructed from plants used in other ways sat … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Seclusion

Sometimes the busyness of life creates a longing for seclusion. When we were in Antigua the Friday before Palm Sunday the town was bustling. Evidently many make a sort of pilgrimage to Antigua to celebrate the event. Just behind me when taking this photograph was a busy food market. … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – In the Shadow

One of the remarks Bill made while we were in San Cristobal described the  natural resource found in Guatemala – beautiful vistas. Too often we do not stop long enough to breathe in the beauty of Creation.

John and I were taking in the views from the rooftop seating … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Volcano Aqua, Guatemala

Walter Wangerin described a car ride in which it seemed he could never escape Denali. It may have been in his book Whole Prayer. I still remember that vivid tale as I do the only time I have heard him preach. Memorable.

We strolled the streets of … Continue reading

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