Craig and Kimberly

Shades of A Different Kind – Cohen Two Years Today!

Two years ago this morning, we had no idea what turn of events would await us come afternoon. After a visit to the doctor we learned they were admitting Kimberly. Read More

Welcome Home Cohen – One Year Later

One year ago today marked the end of an almost month long “residency” in the NICU at OU Medical Center. Cohen came home with his parents after putting on some weight and proving to the doctors he was ready to go home.

I have it on good authority he enjoyed a BBQ dinner this evening in celebration of this one year milestone. Kimberly writes about her memories at her website.


Happy Birthday Cohen Alan – 1 Year Today!

One year old. If this first year is any indication as to how fast Cohen will grow up, I will need to get the Big Red Beast ready for his 16th birthday soon!

Patty and I have one year of “Grand-parenting” under our belts and looking forward to more. We are taking odds on when Cohen will start walking. I am holding out that “Doc” is one of his first words. He already has a few sign-language words down.

We have a super-hero party planned for Saturday. He will be the hero at the center of it all. His early arrival shuttled a planned Baby Shower. So, we have invited folks to join us for a “no gifts please” party this Saturday at Snow Hill from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. Come as your favorite Super Hero. Or at least wear a shirt with your favorite hero on it.


Happy Birthday First Birthday Cohen Alan!

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Seven Years! – Congratulations Craig and Kimberly

You never know what life might be like seven years later. Seven years ago this evening, we formally gained a son.

I remember feverishly working to get our new building at Snow Hill ready for the wedding. Lighting. Sound. Chairs. As with any normal parents, we wanted things to be just right.

Here we are seven years later and we not only have gained another son – Jason – but a grandson. (Yes, we anticipate Tommie and Jason’s first adding to the mix in January.)

Congratulations Craig and Kimberly!

Cohen, can’t wait until you can distinguish between Doc and dog.

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