He Married My Daughter . . . Gained a Son

It happens.

Maybe you have seen the Dad who sends a message to a would be suitor for his daughter. It is classic.

Long before YouTube or any other social media for that matter, we Dad’s suffered the lack of expression unless it was in written form. I remember reading a piece by a Dad that contained rules for dating my daughter to a group gathered to witness Little Miss Tuttle. One line suggested a young man should not come to the house with his saggy pants lest he find them held up with a staple gun. Ouch!

Long before we were concerned about a child marrying, we, of course, would need a child with which to concern ourselves. So, in April of 1985, just weeks before college graduation, Kimberly was born. Yes, we were mere children.


We had any number of decisions to make before it entered any serious conversation about the day someone, some stranger, some boy, would marry our daughter. Jobs, re-location, more education, tricycles, Kindergarten, and Elementary School seemed much more pressing than considering a future beau for Ms. Kimberly.

Our move back to Oklahoma came as she was entering the 4th grade. We settled into the realities of home ownership, lawn care, and what sports she might like to play. KimberlysoccerShe tried her feet on soccer. Of course, this meant not only would she need to learn the rules, but in order for us to enjoy it so would we. I understood offsides in football, soccer not so much.

Time flies when you are settling into a new place, meeting new friends, and learning the context of your new surroundings. This does not simply apply to adults. In fact, it tends to be more difficult for children, most anyway.

Shortly we realized we could not longer put off that Kimberly would one day find a boy she liked and liked her. Something happens to Daddy’s when this happens. All of a sudden we remember when we were that age. The realization is alarming to think someone, some boy, would think and act the way we boys did when it comes to girls.

She met Craig before I did. But, I got closer to Craig than she did. In those days I spent many weekday afternoons getting my exercise by running up and down the floor with the Tuttle basketball team. It afforded me the opportunity to stay in shape and, incidentally, get to know some of the young people. Craig played Post/Center and I liked to guard the big guys. I gave up nearly six inches in height but I did not mind pushing the bigs around. They loved it when we scrimmaged shirts vs. skins and the preacher took off his shirt. Not really.

Then one day we learned that Craig and Kimberly wanted to date. The rule was the young man would call me and make sure it was fine. I could, hopefully, get my bluff in much like the rules for dating my daughter mentioned above. We got to know Craig and the two dated until we were asked if he could marry Kimberly. weddingday07162014They married on this date 10 years ago.

He married our daughter . . . and we gained a son.

We could not be happier.

Who knows what will transpire over their next ten years. One thing is sure, we have enjoyed watching them grow together these past ten years.

Happy Anniversary Craig and Kimberly!

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