Welcome Cohen Alan – Early but Safe

What a day! September 25 was brought forward to August 2. Kimberly, our oldest daughter, called late morning to say her doctor would be admitting her to the hospital. The prospect was a necessary premature delivery. The issue was what would be not what was.

She was fine. The baby was fine. But, things would not continue to be fine. Plans were made to work to get her to Wednesday or Thursday and then they would deliver Cohen Alan about 8 weeks early. Not something anyone planned. (I will certainly have some other reflections down the line. But this post is a “Welcome” post.)

We planned for Wednesday. But, it became apparent the decision needed to come on Monday, yesterday. Just before 7:00 p.m. last night we welcomed Cohen Alan at 2lbs. 7 oz. – early but safe. Mom and baby are doing well – as well as an early premie could be doing. Click on the “read more” tag for a couple of photos. You will watch and hear our welcome crew in the video in the right sidebar.

On the way to NICU

Home for a few Weeks - Good Caregivers Here!

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