Parker Palmer

Extending the Command of Jesus

Minimalist visions often require less than more robust, radical notions. Sometimes I think we forget the trajectory of Jesus’ command to love one another. John-the-letter-writer helps construct the community vision for living out the words of Jesus. But, it cannot stop with the internal habits of an exclusive community. … Continue reading

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The Threat of Resurrection – Weekly Video

Justin Vernon offered an “uncomfortable” acceptance speech for Bon Iver “during last night’s Grammys. He thanked the “non-nominees who were not there and would never be there.” Vernon remarked that when he started making music it was for the sheer reward of making music. Receiving a Grammy made him … Continue reading

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Addicted to Violence – Contra Jesus’ and Reconciliation

I recently read a Tweet by Michael Carpenter. He doesn’t get UFC. Me either. I grew up watching Joe Frazier. The “Thrilla in Manila” was a fight to remember. Over time though I really fail to see how such pugilistic pummeling can be celebrated by people who understand … Continue reading

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