The Threat of Resurrection – Weekly Video

Justin Vernon offered an “uncomfortable” acceptance speech for Bon Iver “during last night’s Grammys. He thanked the “non-nominees who were not there and would never be there.” Vernon remarked that when he started making music it was for the sheer reward of making music. Receiving a Grammy made him uncomfortable.

There are videos that go viral for some of the oddest reasons. Many videographers do their work for the inherent value they hope to contribute to a genre, subject, or life in general. And, like those countless musicians that Justin Vernon mentioned, many talented videographers go unnoticed.

I met Travis Reed a couple of weeks ago. Travis is the videographer behind The Work of the People. He is a one man interview machine that really is interested in providing thoughtful material for the “work of life.” We chatted on a number of occasions over a few days. I am glad Travis began posting these videos on Vimeo and at Alter Video Magazine. This week I have posted a recent video with Parker Palmer.

The title of the piece, The Threat of Resurrection, drew my attention. Jesus told his disciples of his death and resurrection. But, to that point their experience had only contained the “threat” of resurrection. Until that day, it was just a threat. Palmer takes that theme in a particularly personal way but I could not help add why the title caught my attention.

I recommend Travis’ work. Our church has had a subscription with The Work of the People from its early days.

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