Impeaching the Witness or, The Genealogy of Convictions

I am no lawyer. Nor the son of a lawyer. Fred over at Slactivst wrote,

By the time of the 1988 elections, everyone in American evangelicalism was wholly opposed to legal abortion and everyone in American evangelicalism was pretending that this had always been the case.

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More Irruptions of the Real? “Hey SBC, Read Fitch!”

The temperature continues to be the topic du jour here in Oklahoma. In contest like fashion meteorologists see who can state the obvious better. Add in the constant tracking of how many days over 100° Oklahoma City endures and I am guessing it is the absence of a … Continue reading

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Lyle Reminds Us How We May Inadvertently Hurt Others

Growing up we all heard the limerick, “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.” I am not sure there is not a greater lie foisted on people, especially children. The childhood jingle does more to ignore the ways words used by those around … Continue reading

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Another Reason Why Words Are Important – Women, Children, Abortion and the Church

Saturday evening. Kentucky just fell to West Virginia. Butler bested Kansas State. Patty is not feeling well. I am reading through a manuscript for a friend. I needed a break. I popped over to see what my FB friends are up to and was drawn to an update that … Continue reading

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Words and Their Power – Davis begins a new series

So I admit at the outset I am biased. Years spent with, talking to, and learning from my mentor have left their mark. Rick begins a new series. The subject? Gossip. Read this first piece and you will likely be hooked on the whole. You need not be in … Continue reading

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