The Upstream Collective – Going Against the Flow

Walking down Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska provided a great view of the running of the Salmon. While I am not sure which variety we watched, it was clear they had made a long journey against the flow.


My friends at The Upstream Collective hit the air again. For the next week they will help pastors traveling with them understand their vision of the Church As Missionary. Rather than outsourcing they have a vision for resourcing. Stay tuned as we offer updates here at The Edge of the Inside.

The first report focuses on breaking the cycle of super-imposing one cultural methodology as “the” way to get things done.

The pastor of the church, a former officer in the military, was a quiet and unassuming man. Almost apologizing for the small size of the congregation, he told us, â??We decided we donâ??t need a large church. I learned in the military that itâ??s impossible to really lead a large group. Our plan is this:â? he said. â??When we reach one hundred people, we will plant another church.â?

Looking around the room, packed full of children running around, seniors chatting, and young adults cleaning up after the meal, we thought of the 80% -full principle. Will the church ever reach 100 people? Why wait until then to plant another church? What about a second service or multi-site, video-venue, virtual church? Thatâ??s us, though, thinking like Americans.

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