Weekly Video – The Eighth Letter from Kester Brewin

“To the Church in North America write . . . ” I happened on The Eighth Letter after the fact. Almost felt as if  the Rapture had occurred. My eschatological view calmed my fears. Some comments on the  event came up via my Google Reader subscriptions. And, as is normally the case someone’s reactions prompted a reference to the event. It only goes to show some of my friends are correct. Negative publicity gets the word out more than a positive recommendation. So, I suspect interest in my weekly video will be light.

I liked KesterBrewin‘ss letter (See the video in the sidebar). Brewin was not considered one of the presenters but he caught wind of the event and submitted his own found on Youtube. He lives on the other side of the pond. That’s right his perspective might be something like Peter Rollins who did present but is not from North America. Rollins is living here in the States for a bit speaking around the Country. I will hear him later this week. But, I digress.

Tim Challie’s remarked about his perceived “cool” reception at the event. He wants the Church in North America to get the “gospel right.” Nathan Colquhoun, one of the event coordinators, did not get the same sense regarding Challie’s presentation. It is at this point I return to Brewin. For all of our impressions of what the Church in North America needs, it is good to hear and “outside” observer weigh in. That seems to be the value of someone like Newbigin and his time spent in India. Certain glaring omissions became clear when looking through different lenses. We need that.

On something of a side note. I fear the phrase “gospel-centered”, or to use Challies’ “gospel right,” is as someone Tweeted over the weekend, becoming a badge of honor. That is to say, it will be rendered meaningless in conversation. It will go the way of inerrancy, and more recently “emerging” and “missional.” Everyone will have their opinion as to what it means and take away any real sense of unifying a term might bring and instead create more divisions as magisterial groups rise up to lay claim to proper use. But, that may be for another post.

Enjoy Kester’s letter. I did.

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