What Happened to the Podcast?!

Don’t blame Scott Coley. Though Scott was my last podcast guest, he had nothing to do with the long hiatus. I hope to have Scott back. He is working on a new book and if nothing else, we will hop back on the Zoom and discuss his work..

So what happened?

Today’s podcast provides a look at podcasting. Specifically, the elements of podcasting solo. Don’t read this as an excuse. Instead, know that podcasting is a side gig. Not to be confused with a side hustle. Gig implies, in this case, a hobby. Hustle conveys another form of income. No money is made in the production of Patheological.

The pay is in the opportunity to talk with authors, theologians and practitioners whom I have found helpful, challenging and worth exposing to listeners. My idea came from two sources. Long ago I met Spencer, before podcasting was a thing. From time to time he would plan what he called learning parties. Spencer would discover people he wanted to talk to and rather than pick up the phone or travel by himself to engage the person(s), he planned events to which he invited others to learn with him.

The other influence has been Tripp. When he was in college, I think, he participated in reading groups. He got the idea to record those and put them out for others who may have to miss the regular get-togethers. Podcasting became a natural means to broaden the reach of conversations he began having with a variety of Christian theologians. .

After initially offering a podcast reflecting on the Revised Common Lectionary, intended for our church and other pastors who were just discovering the RCL as a preaching program, I re-started the podcast as a conversation/interview podcast for pastor-theologians or anyone who found the intersection of life, faith and thinking theologically held value.

Today’s podcast is a conversation, an interview, with Tommie Marshell who went from producing her own podcast, Backsliding: A Preacher’s Daughter’s Podcast to editing, even producing the two of the Crackers & Grape Juice Podcast. We talk about what goes into podcasting and provides a look into what some would call the *behind the scenes* of the process. Trust me, it’s not boring;

Keep listening to the end as I announce a couple of upcoming features set for Patheological.

As always, Thanks for Listening . . .


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