What Would Your “Manspace” Look Like?

Spaces are the rage. Spend some time with HGTV, DIY, or TLC and someone is re-creating space. We have watched Design Star a few times and competitors are given a space to do their design magic on. Those who impress move to the next week, someone always goes home.

In the video men are the “design stars” and the space is referred to as “manspace.” In our neck of the woods I have heard it referred to as a “man cave.” What would your “manspace” look like? You should see some of these on this video for ideas.


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5 comments on “What Would Your “Manspace” Look Like?

  1. Charlie says:

    Good video…I really enjoy the different types he showcased, but what I found to be missing was the filling. Of course they were shot w/o people but what strikes me is that we fill our “spaces” with things we like and what we may miss out on is the filling of our lives through those we care about. That isn’t to say those places don’t have that. I just seem to notice that many times we fill these places with “US” and it leaves little room for others.

    He does make a good case for having a manspace…especially the part with Batman having the batcave and Superman etc…all very valid.

    I did like that English vessel look…humm.

    1. It would have been nice to get a shot of these spaces with the people who inhabit them “with” those who designed them. And yes, we do fill most of our spaces with “US.”

      Now about the English vessel. That was quite a place. I do think it is something you could throw together. πŸ™‚

  2. Frank Gantz says:

    Todd, you need to shoot some pics of your man space. If you don’t have one I can imagine books, photos and of course a donkey kong jr machine πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, there would be plenty of books and photos. I do recall the video game we spent time in the GC playing. You know, that means there would need to be a ping-pong table as well as a pool table.

  3. charlie shelden says:

    I think if you are going to have a game you would have to have at a minimum a pinball and some early 80’s video game, say Galaga, Space Invaders or even Tempest. Maybe one of those table top models like used to be at Pizza Hut.

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