No matter how we plan for eventualities we learn that life is arbitrary. That is another way of saying that despite what we plan life does not always follow our script. What we take heart in is that amidst the arbitrariness of life, God is not. Our week began with a family’s plans taking a decidedly sad turn. It is not that death is a surprising human experience. But, we may be surprised when death comes.

Over the years of pastoring the varied experiences that contain the realization of human mortality prompt deep reflections. Most concern with how we talk about that event, the life of our friends who die, what we say to encourage those most deeply affected. We pastors often fall prey to trite sayings, platitudes that have not basis in our understanding of how God’s world, now and then, work.

"Deep Reflections" - Copyright 2014 Todd Littleton

“Deep Reflections” – Copyright 2014 Todd Littleton

Today is one of those days for deep reflection. And as I do, I pray a family full of friends find cause to be someone as much as they follow the normal course to find cause to believe something.

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