Friday Photo – Stories: Only Years Separate Us

Telling good stories is important. How we frame our self-understanding is largely influenced by the stories we are told and that we tell ourselves.

Wednesday I spoke at a workshop for those who work with teens/youth. I found a way to work a photo of Cohen into the mix.

One of these days we will tell the stories of people Cohen met but may not have gotten to “know.” While Nan is doing well, at 95 we are never sure what the future holds. It will be fun to tell Cohen stories about his family. About GP and GG (3G to Cohen). About Grandpa and Grandma Littleton. Both now gone from this age.

The stories we will tell may give him some context for his own family. For instance, he will wonder about the house his Aunt Tommie and Uncle Jason now live in. How much fun it will be to show him the date on the frame of the closet where the hot water tank sits. He will know that his 3G dated everything. Even when they installed the hot water tank – 4/3/1970.

Enjoy! We do.


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2 comments on “Friday Photo – Stories: Only Years Separate Us

  1. Kimberly Ragsdale says:

    This picture speaks a thousand words. This lady is amazing!!

    1. Kimberly, there are thousands of words indeed.

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