Friday Photo – “I Found It”, Cohen Alan

Three weeks ago Cohen shared a special day with his Great Grandpa. On October 2 we celebrated Cohen at two months and my dad, at well, a few more than that. While we were hanging out at Great Gran’s we saw that Cohen had found his thumb. Kimberly had … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Rowdy and Me

This week’s Friday Photo comes courtesy of the photographic eye of Aunt Tommie. I am not sure where I was for this photo shoot. But, it does not matter. Tommie has quite the eye. One of these days she may slow down and develop her own website from her … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Cohen In the Clouds

Patty is quite creative. Some of her ideas emerge from her imagination. Others are inspired by others’ creativity. In these instances she puts her own twist on an idea. Much of my recent photography, and for that matter I suspect a good bit down the line, is of Cohen … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Windy (Oklahoma) Gulch

(Quick Note: There will be more photos of Cohen Alan. I need to process a few and take a few, well lots, more. Keep watching. He is growing.)

Yesterday a cold front began pushing through our area. This morning the “feel” in the air had me thinking, “Take Me … Continue reading

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Friday Photo(s) – Cohen, The Difference a Week Makes

Last week we were still awed by the neon lights Cohen soaked up to address his high “bilirubin” count. This week the lights are gone as are the cool shades he was wearing. This week’s “Friday Photo” is a series of three. The first is under the … Continue reading

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