Friday Photo – Cohen Alan Of Course

Can you really get tired of my photos of our grandson? Surely not! Our little guy had a really good day today. While we have weeks to go before he gets to come home, each day marks a step in that direction. And, if you have noticed his little … Continue reading

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Cohen Alan Day 3 – Blue Lights Shining On Me …

By now you know I am a day behind in posting video and photos of the new grandson.

Yesterday they added some mood lighting to Cohen’s “box bed.” That’s right he is sleeping in shades of blue. We know it is not uncommon for premies and especially boys to … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Attraction

Attraction. Normally the Taney County Fairgrounds is dark and lifeless. Not this night. Lights drew those from around the area. These lights noted an “attraction.” These lights signaled to the fair goer – “Ride Me.” This shot was snapped with it in mind the other lights were waiting. They … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – North Clear Creek Falls

One of my favorite sights in the area of Colorado we visit is North Clear Creek Falls. Looking across a valley you cannot see the water flowing in what seems to be a very shallow “creek.” When you visit the newly landscaped “lookout” area you suddenly see this. What … Continue reading

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Spiritual Photography – Monotation

Last summer at Summit Youth Camp in Talahina I led a small group to consider the use of photography in their Christian spiritual journal writing. The Psalms paint compelling images with Hebrew poetry. Creation paints the story in images requiring a thousand words. Reading Psalm 19 would prompt anyone … Continue reading

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