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Each of the last two weeks I faced a medical procedure to thwart the pain and effects of kidney stones. Two down, maybe one to go. We will see. Consequently I have had a bit more writing time than normal. In the event your week was unencumbered from physical distractions and you missed these posts. Here is a recap from the week here at The Edge of the Inside.

Just When You Thought – The Right to Choose (to vote or not to vote) cuts both ways.

Congratulations Natalie! – My late friend Lyle’s daughter passed the BAR. We are proud of her!

Who Should a Pastor Endorse? – Survey says! Most pastors don’t think it a good idea to endorse candidates for public office from the pulpit. Maybe this will strike a blow to Pulpit Freedom Sunday.

Protecting Privilege or, Will We Work for Justice? – Maybe this is not the land of opportunity for everyone. Christians working for justice may help make it so.

Where Did I Get That? Happy Birthday Dad – We get more than our looks from our parents.

Pastor As Pirate or, Better Than Pulpit Freedom Sunday – Making the rounds on the talking heads show to tout an end to the Johnson Amendment via clergy rebellion ought to be replaced by opening up blockades created by power keeping those captives Jesus said he came to set free.

Propaganda, “Rap On” or, Value Other Voices – White guys weigh in on Black Christian rap/hip-hop/spoken word artist Propaganda fearing he undermines the value of those Precious Puritans. Breathe.

Conversation – Friday Photo – Maybe more conversations would help us with the election, justice, and other issues we fixate on in our own silos.

Statistics and Stories in The Tuttle Times – Ed Stetzer inspired my weekly column as he has spent a bit of the week talking about the use and misuse of statistics.


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