Contest Update – There is Still Time

Last week I began running a contest to help name a new podcast venture for Pastor-Theologians. Have you entered?

To date there are several good possibilities and a couple that made me laugh out loud. It was a good thing no one was around! If you missed the long post with the explanation, read it here.

The winner will receive more than $50 in free books. These are books that I think offer the Pastor-Theologian some good material from which to draw. Maybe you are interested in the ideology of Evangelicalism then David Fitch’s, The End of Evangelicalism would be a good place to begin. Or, you are intrigued by a way to talk about Christology beyond Lewis’ “Lord, Liar, or Lunatic.” If so, then Tripp Fuller’s new book, Lord, Liar, Lunatic or Just Freaking Awesome, will surely give you much to consider. It may be you are interested in preaching after postmodernism. Here are are not talking about postmodernism as a cultural trend. If this is you, then Phil Snider’s, Preaching After God will give something to haunt your preaching.

The winner will be selected Friday morning. The deadline for entering in Thanksgiving Night at midnight.

What are you waiting on? Leave your suggestion in the comments and earn an opportunity to get your Pastor-Theologian on!

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