Monday Comedic Relief – Jacob Williams

My mind is awash in reflections from the recent Southern Baptist Convention Annual meeting in New Orleans. I am looking at a series titled, Ruled Out of Order. I aim to take several posts and reflect on how I interpret the inaction of the SBC on the Richard Land affair while at the same time electing Fred Luter Jr. President.

What about the Baptist21 event? I read some  comments in the Twitter verse and blog posts. The event was my first . . . and last. No hard feelings. But, I am thinking of offering, Baptist21: A Minority Report. My initial thoughts turn around the fact the best story we can tell after 32 years of the CR in the SBC is the CR in the SBC. We ignore statistics and undercurrents in our attempts to rally a new breed of contenders.

A motion was made regarding the NIV and Lifeway . . . again. Many may have missed the Freudian Slip that surely was not intended to be public. Dr. Patterson has agreed to make a presentation to Lifeway. There is the friendly agreement that those leading one SBC entity will not dabble in the affairs of another entity. What does this statement tacked on to the motion mean?

Finally, one of the highlights was meeting and sharing coffee with Jonathan Merritt. I finished his recent book, A Faith of Our Own. I plan a review and may see if I can get Jonathan to agree to some sort of blog interview.

But, with all of these things swirling, I thought some comic relief would be in order. I do not generally watch Americas Got Talent. If you have seen episodes you know many don’t. But, Jacob Williams was funny. And, if you are having a typical Monday, I suggest you follow Jacob on Twitter. Watch the video for details.


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