Project In Development or, Why So Quiet?

Trump and Carson now run neck and neck in a recent poll. One wonders what that means. Most of us acknowledge it is too early to tell.

Late in the summer I began adding Interviews to my podcast. Since I host the podcasts on my personal account I do not have accurate stats as to listeners and downloads. Here’s to guessing it is more than 1 and less than 50,000.

Why So Quiet?

Since my last post, I have been working on developing the podcast idea a bit more. A couple of recent articles actually helped bring to the surface what had been harbored in my return to podcasting. Over the weeks since the last podcast I have been researching and having conversations about what this might look like.

The blog may have been quiet. The mic may have not been used for recording. These things will change.

How Might You Help?

  1. One of my needs is for a different means of recording. I will be looking into purchasing a recorder like this one. If you would like to help make that possible, email me and we can discuss the specifics and how you might help. Maybe you want to help me buy the recorder. Consider yourself one of my first sponsors!
  2. My list of potential Interviewees is growing. Currently I have commitments from some who have been published, are notable voices in the larger Christian community, and others working on their PhD’s who have some great material and insight to offer. Send me your suggestions. I tend to follow one of my friend’s advice, “It never hurts to ask.” You might have someone you would like to hear from on a given subject, email me and I will go to work on soliciting an interview.
  3. Send an email offering suggestions after having listened to previous podcast Interviews. Short of you telling me to give up the idea, the one not yet thoroughly explained, I would benefit from your insights and suggestions.


Part of the move to be more intentional about this new project will include a re-working of the website. Combine that with getting a schedule set and the equipment in hand, it is hard to say but the new project will hit not later than January 1, 2016.

Occasionally I will have something come to mind that may be worth a blog post until then.

Keep checking back for updates.

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