Friday Photo – Seclusion

Sometimes the busyness of life creates a longing for seclusion. When we were in Antigua the Friday before Palm Sunday the town was bustling. Evidently many make a sort of pilgrimage to Antigua to celebrate the event. Just behind me when taking this photograph was a busy food market. … Continue reading

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Instacanvas and iPhoneography

After years toting a Blackberry I made the Apple conversion complete last month with the purchase of the iPhone. I really liked the Blackberry. However, keeping contacts synced across my other devices resulted in too many duplicates. The young lady who helped us at the AT&T store asked, “Do … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Waiting

On our way from San Cristobal Verapaz to Antigua we stopped for breakfast. The owner crafted an oasis of sorts for his guests. We enjoyed the company of a beautiful peacock. The landscaping beyond the restaurant highlighted the beauty of the landscape.

Located adjacent our table was a seating … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Seen On Crawford

Last year we went to the Red Dirt Arts Festival in Norman. Across the street from the vendor area I noticed a fellow taking in all in who appeared to be enjoying the day.… Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Open and Vulnerable

Last night I listened to several podcasts on my iPod while working. After listening to Arainna Huffington extol the virtues of sleep, I listened to Brene Brown describe the power of vulnerability. She set me to thinking about life, faith and modern discussions of authenticity. It seems … Continue reading

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