Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

Marty Duren once told me he learned the rhythms of blogging by paying attention to site traffic. I do not always abide that advice. I tend to write when the subject comes to me. Sometimes my personal schedule means posts go live at odd times. In the event you … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – The Stares

Last Saturday we celebrated Cohen’s second birthday. What has been fun for the past seven months is watching how he and his new cousin, Max, play together. Before everyone arrived, I snapped this shot of Max Nolen with the stares. That, or he was trying to figure out what … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Old Church in Creede, CO

People battle the heat in a variety of ways. When the seven-day forecast shows triple digits, I pull out the photos of Colorado. Creede is in the 60’s this week. It follows this time of year there is always the possibility of a rain shower in the afternoons there. … Continue reading

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Friday Photos – Sights at the Top

Mount Campbell does not rank among the 14-ers in Colorado. But, compared to the 1319′ elevation of Tuttle, Oklahoma, the nearly 11,000′ peak might as well be.

I still remember my college roommate, Allan Karr, talking about Colorado and how he would one day live there. He … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Repurposed

The planks likely served another purpose when new. Years, wear, and layers of paint combined to give the air of nostalgia. We have little trouble with re-using common items for different purposes.

Tables bring people together. This table ┬áthat may be constructed from plants used in other ways sat … Continue reading

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