The Last Resort – The Eagles

Larry recently asked if I had heard this song. I bought it off of iTunes and have listened to it quite a few times. Thanks Larry for the recommendation. What are your thoughts about the lyrics?

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8 comments on “The Last Resort – The Eagles

  1. Beings I am a BIG Eagles fan, I heard this song several years ago on the Eagles comeback CD, which I also own.

    The lyrics? Sometimes unbelievers see clearer and are more honest than we are. IOW I think the lyrics are true. Too true.

  2. Todd Littleton says:


    I would be interested in your take on a number of songs on their double CD release, Long Road Out of Eden. This song, The Last Resort, is forcing me to re-think The Eagles back to Hotel California.

  3. Even on the album you mentioned, in a couple of songs it’s about American greed, and the fact that we seem to destroy more than we help. We destroy and yet America bills itself as the Eutopia. People from other countries think we are the Land of Eden, until they get here.

  4. Jay Fleming says:

    I watched a 55-minute interview of Don Henley on Charlie Rose (search YouTube), in which he reveals his animosity toward Christianity as it was demonstrated by the Southern Baptists in the East Texas town he grew up in. He also talks at length about his indebtedness to Thoreau’s writings and his efforts to save Walden’s Pond. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that this song is about that struggle.

  5. Todd Littleton says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on the video. If he is reticent toward a form of Christianity he experience that is one thing. We should always listen to critique. And, you did say East Texas. I won’t tell you what my mentor from Texas used to say about East Texas. πŸ™‚

  6. According to a Don Hately interview that I read over 20 years ago, Hotel California was simply about the excesses of Los Angeles which they were experiencing at the time.

  7. Todd Littleton says:

    Yes, Debbie. What I meant by my reference is that in my fundamentalist days, lyrics played second fiddle to perception. Today, I prefer the story found in the lyrics to the external gatekeepers telling me it is nothing but “devil music.”

  8. I agree. But then I always have, even in the fundamentalist days. πŸ™‚ In fact I always thought that lyrics such as this were more honest than some from the fundamentalist days.

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