The Problem with Labels … Sometimes they don’t fit

If you have read here long, you know I enjoy reading Leonard Pitts Jr. I first read Leonard as his column finds its way into our local metro paper. For some time I have bemoaned the pejorative use of labels. One of my friends finds them helpful. But, when they do no adequately describe the intended person or group, they get in the way – even obfuscate reality.

In his recent column, which I get in my Bloglines, he notes the battle for the label “conservative.” I often find it helpful to pay attention to critique from without and within. Pitts column offers both. He includes some who responded to an earlier post claiming some are not really conservative. Pitts then offers thoughts from the outside looking in.

We, who claim faith, cannot give a pass to anyone regardless of political platform. We should encourage and create conversation above the labels so as to critique anyone, any platform, vying for our vote.

I liken this to Graham Ward’s assertion that theology must speak above the cultural turns so it may always speak into every cultural era.

What do you think of Pitts column?

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