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Friday Photo – Rio Grande Reflections

Early on in our married lives we did not take too many vacations. In fact, until my parents determined to get the family back to Lake Taneycomo in the early 1990’s our vacations were limited to home for the holiday visits. As the girls got older, we tried to take some short trips. We did take them on a couple of long trips tied in with a meeting or convention I was attending.

Several years ago we took a friend up on an offer to use a cabin on the Rio Grande. Now it is hard for us to think about a summer without heading to Colorado for at least a long weekend.

Tommie and Jason could not make our July 4th trip so we took a second trip this year over the long Labor Day Weekend. It was fun to see Jason take in sights and sounds he had not before.

One evening I went out and took some photos of the full moon over the Rio Grande. Night shots are a bi difficult. But, I really like the feature of reflections in photos and often include them in a Friday Photo.

A few days in Colorado, at a different pace of life, provide a great opportunity for personal reflections as well.


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Ring Around Cousin

I just learned my cousin Diane had her first grandchild – Tillie Diane. Congratulations! We had both the grands over for lunch Sunday. Cohen and Max were about to leave when a game of “Ring Around Cousin” broke out.


Happy Three Months Max!

Time got away. Yesterday Max turned 3-Months old. Here is the little-not-so-little guy hanging out on the porch with Grammy a couple of weeks ago. There are several pictures on the inter webs of Max on his three-month day. I may get to Skype with Max this evening. Enjoy.  Read More

Happy Birthday Patty

“What do you want for your birthday?” All of her answers were something functional for the house. She mentioned only one thing for herself – a purse. I don’t pick out purses. I learned that lesson picking out jeans 20 plus years ago.

Over Patty’s 33 birthdays I have celebrated with her, no you will not get me to divulge her age, she always prefers something that benefits more than just her. I could tell stories of how hard it is to get her to buy things for herself. She would prefer to give than receive.

Patty remarked while we were going through our morning routine, “Everyone should get their birthday off from work.” I told her I agreed. Not everyone feels this way. Most important employers. She went to work.

In her heart I know she has what she wants for her birthday. Just look at that photo again. Just one week later and Max would have been born on her birthday. Not a bad present for a Grammy. No, knowing her girls, their husbands, and her grands are close is present enough. Keeping with her way of being in the world, she will give to them before she thinks about receiving.

Here’s to my best friend. Happy Birthday Patty.