They Like Big Buts . . . You May Too

If you did not read carefully, you may have mistaken a conjunction for a noun. Spelling is key. Taking note of words and how they are used both spares of embarrassment and enlightens. 

When it comes to words and provocation, the Crackers over at Crackers & Grape Juice work hard. Consider the title of their new book.

I Like Big Buts

When the gang looked for ways to help support their stable of podcasts, the idea came to publish a book of their sermons on Paul’s Epistle, Letter, to the Christians in Rome. Last year Romans figured prominently in the summer Lectionary Texts. Jason, Taylor, and Teer, at their respective churches, preached through Romans. I am not sure which of the three came up with the title for the book, but the title is one of the Jason Micheli’s sermons.

Micheli proves himself a solid mentor to Taylor and Teer as they too offer sermons, and even sermon titles, that demonstrate an awareness to pop culture and current events. However, these are not your typical fare. Rather than offer sermon lite with a mashup of culture, social, political references, they display a careful reading of Paul that takes him more serious than the current trend to find out why Paul should be ignored.

Not a Mug

Supporting a podcast sounds odd until you learn the costs associated with producing one. Some podcasts produce well-branded items – coffee mugs, t-shirts and more. You may get a mug to support Crackers & Grape Juice. But, if you are a pastor/preacher or Bible teacher, then you may opt for a book of sermons that spent a month at the top of Amazon’s list in its category.

I Like Big Buts is available for the Kindle and in paperback.


After you listen to our conversation about the book, preaching influences and the value of pastoral relationships, head over and subscribe to all three podasts produced by Crackers & Grape Juice.

Crackers & Grape Juice – The original interview styled podcast.

Strangely Warmed – Lectionary Based podcast hosted by Taylore Mertins

(Her)Men*You*tics – Hermeneutics podcast hosted by Dr. Johanna Hartelius

Then, of course, buy the book.

If you find the podcast helpful, share it with your friends. Share it with your pastor friends as well as folks you know involved in leadership that touches on the pastoral. Also, consider heading over to iTunes, login, search for patheological and give us a five-star rating and a kind review.


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