Number . . . Happy Birthday Patty

I did it. I bought a gallon of stuff peddled by a traveling sales person. Miracle cleaner I tell you. At least when the fellow demonstrated it to me it worked. That was some twenty-five years ago.

Yesterday Patty and I were eating lunch. We were watching one of those remodeling shows. Call it inspiration for some projects we hope to complete this year. A commercial came on advertising some miracle cleaning thing or spice storage system, or something you may by for $9.99. Patty declared, “I want to try that!”

All I could remember was the ridicule I received, and rightly so, those twenty-five years ago. “You bought what? For how much?” Every time I broke that stuff out to clean something, which did not work quite lie it did when the fellow demonstrated it I heard, “How much did you pay for that?” Yes, I deserved it.

laughterPatty reasoned that it was her birthday tomorrow, which is today, so she should get to give several of these projects a test. Justification if I ever heard it. I already had her birthday present. We will also enjoy dinner and a local pre-screening of Selma on Tuesday. And, I started on one part of our current living room project soon to be library room yesterday. I could not bring myself to call the number on the television. Maybe the stuff works. Then again, I remember the gallon of stuff I bought all those years ago.

Here’s to hoping she likes what I bought for her birthday so that I don’t have to use the numbers she wrote down for that other stuff.

Happy Birthday Patty!

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