Childhood Summer from Sara Groves’ Invisible Empires

We enjoyed our annual Fall Festival at Snow Hill yesterday. Watching the children play games, enjoy food, and receive candy reminded me of Sara Groves’ new CD, Invisible Empires. Sara and Troy walk through the songs in a “Director’s Cut” edition. Eugene Peterson figures prominently as inspirational … Continue reading

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Art, the Image of God, and Bill Mallonee

A couple of weeks ago I helped remember a gentleman in our church. He was quite the musician. His son remembered calling his Dad’s house to see how he and his Mom were doing and he could hardly hear of the Bluegrass being played in the background.

One of … Continue reading

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Creativity and Church … “Utopia Joe”

Oppositional thinking often leads us to exclude the very things that might give us life. Evaluating options often leaves us choosing between “this” or “that.” And, when we make our choice we moralize that choice in such a way we assert we made the “right” choice rather than the … Continue reading

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