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Write or hang out with the grand boys? No brainer. Thursday evening, an occasional evening to write, I enjoyed taking care of Max Nolen while Tommie helped with the Justice Now at Snow Hill. Friday, my day off on which I often write for the coming week, I spent the day with Cohen Alan while Kimberly crossed the Red River to go to IKEA with her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law.

Add in the fact that since mid-September it was the battle with the dreaded kidney stones, I had plenty of time to write. But, having felt much better I needed to catch up on some much needed yard work around the house. There are a number of upcoming possibilities for posts – the Dinesh D’Souza incident, what I learned about voting in Oklahoma, and I still need to get the review up of Phil Snider’s book and some additional thoughts on The Elephant Debt . Here is a look at the posts from this week.

Those Were the Days – Mark Anthony Cruz – We graduated from high school together. But, there is not mistaking who possesses the guitar skills. If you missed the video, take a listen to my friend Mark.

Controlled Debates – In Politics and Religion – ‘I would rather take in another off-Broadway production of Les Miserables than another Presidential debate, hands down. One is excellent theater, the other not so much.”

Persimmons – Saturday Photo – Fall in our backyard.


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