Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and a short week. OU and OSU are tied at half time. Hoping Paul and Tom Littleton help spur the Crimson and Cream onto victory while at the game.

Maybe your schedule kept you from taking a look at these posts.

Choose Your Attack Ads Wisely – “Bono would like to see an attack ad on poverty.”

What You Aren’t, Maybe You Are – “I listened to a recent episode ofBusted Stuff with Trip Hudgins. He wonders if our penchant to say, “I’m not . . .,” doesn’t disclose more about us than we think. Put another way, we tend to create an empty space by pronouncing what we are not only to find in that created space what we are. And, maybe we learn what that is as we realize God is filling that very space.”

Thumping Me With Your Bible – “Today it seems more important to take Jesus’ conversation with Pilate as timely for a postmodern culture. Explications of “What is truth?” seem to miss Jesus who twice notes that his Kingdom is not of this world – does not come in the same way and does not look the same when it does. We tend to go all epistemological when Jesus goes eschatological.”

Buy Nothing Day – “At the end of the video there are some options for doing something different, even more constructive for Jesus-y people.”

Two for Whom I Am Thankful – “There are any number of people for whom I am thankful today. It is hard to narrow it down. But I am sure you will understand why I have chosen as I have.”

Reaching Reds – Friday Photo

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