Cohen Alan Day 3 – Blue Lights Shining On Me …

By now you know I am a day behind in posting video and photos of the new grandson.

Yesterday they added some mood lighting to Cohen’s “box bed.” That’s right he is sleeping in shades of blue. We know it is not uncommon for premies and especially boys to need a little light to help them along.

As of now, he is doing well. They inserted a PICC line this morning and did an ultrasound and took x-rays. We are awaiting those results. Kimberly said he looks good today and nurse Jenny said he had a good night. These fights are won by rounds. So far, Cohen is winning all the rounds. Praying this continues until he reaches the “win” of coming home. You may see more photos by clicking on the “Read More” tag. They are, “Cohen In Blue,” “Daddy Dreaming,” and Great Touching Great.” Enjoy.

Cohen in Blue - Copyright 2010 Todd Littleton

Daddy Dreaming - Copyright 2010 Todd Littleton

Great Touching Great - Copyright 2010 Todd Littleton

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