Cohen Alan Day 2

I enjoy roller coasters at amusement parks. When it comes to the prognosis for our new grandson, I prefer level ground. Today they discovered fluid had developed around Cohen’s heart. Late this afternoon they removed 20 ccs from his little body. We are hoping the cause for this is as they describe and by tomorrow there is the improvement they expect.

On the upside his vitals remain constant and his monitor alerts have not gone off since yesterday morning. We remain optimistic and believe the events of the past few days are nothing short of God’s providence. Some would prefer to consider the details merely circumstantial or plain good luck. Narrate life as you will. We could not see the series of events unfold as they have in the way necessary for it to be just dumb luck.

Here is the video for Day 2. (Click the “Read More” tag.)I am not sure how long we will keep the videos coming, but you can be sure this grandpa will use plenty of hard drive space and server bandwidth to show him off.

Enjoy. And, thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We cannot thank you enough.

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